Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Burned out

I was a complete zombie at work today. Lisa would ask me something and I would say nothing, gazing forward with a glazed expression while my auto-pilot fingers nimbly unpackaged glass candles from bubble wrap, only to snap up five minutes later and repeat whatever she'd told me as if it was my own idea.
Poor Lisa - everyone's completely burnt out, including her, but the store has to stay open so we just have to keep slugging along as best we can. Our store's really plummetted in the district ratings - we've gone from the best at selling PWPs and always winning corporate contests to barely making the day, and feeling lucky if we've sold just one $20 tote bag.

On the plus side, I'm only $150 away from paying off my credit card. If I can just hold out until January ends, my schedule should calm down and I will be able to take a nice vacation, hopefully with paid time off.

At least, thank God, I haven't gotten sick yet. EVERYONE has been sick with colds in the past month, but in spite of the fact that I'm not bright enough to drink orange juice or take Airborne, I'm fine. Funnily enough, Kenny has been religiously popping Airborne and some bug has gotten him down twice.

Go figure.

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