Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy New Year, part Deaux

Last night was a ton of fun - after I got off work at four Mom picked me up and we went up to Mountain View to eat dinner with my grandmother and my Uncle. Once we arrived, I found out that Auntie Tanya, Sarah, and Sarah's boyfriend Tom would all be present as well. A party of ten is huge for my family, and apparently quite large for the restaurant as well - we were squeezed super-close together and once everyone was seated, it was impossible to get up again without interrupting everyone's eating to move chairs and limbs out of the way.


By my estimates, we must've had at least ten dishes. It has been years since I felt so stuffed.

Cousin Sarah, Tom, and Auntie Tanya

Uncle Tom (in spite of the presence of two Toms conversations did not get muddled at all), Popo, and my Dear Sweet Mother

My Dear Sweet Mommy and Daddy

Daddy, Seanie, Myself, and My Dear Sweet Little Brother Kenny

Mommy and Po-po

Another photo of the grub:

Tom & Sarah up close:

Auntie Tanya holds up the skeleton of one of the fish we devoured:

As a side note, I somehow ended up with the roe of the fish on my innocent plate, and it was NASTY. Steamed fish roe from this bottom-dwelling fish (we couldn't decide what it was, because it wasn't the right size for sole) tastes like SAND and OLD FISH.

This is a horrible photo, both in composition and subject. I'm just including it to show JUST HOW STUFFED AND BLOATED AND WOW LOOK AT MY STOMACH STICKING OUT!!!!!

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