Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

How kind of you to notice I am too klutzy, uncoordinated, and weak.

Pilates is a very difficult class for me, it turns out. It's not the exercises - sure, I'm not good at the positions and I always seem to be messing them up in some small way - but I'm new to them. I'll learn it eventually. It's the people.

Normally the class has about ten people in it. I sit on the right side of the room with an older woman who sounds like she was born in Germany and a blonde girl always wears big Ugg boots. On Wednesday a girl named Marie-Claire was also in the class, but so far she's only shown up to one session.

For some odd reason (probably because it was a Friday) only five other students showed up today. They're all younger than me, probably between the ages of 18-20, so the age difference isn't huge. They all sat on the other side of the room, with their yoga mats arranged just so I could not join them because it would be so crowded. So I ended up sitting isolated on the other side of the room.

But hey, that's not so bad. Geography's nothing! But every time I tried to join the conversation, they would change subjects or barely acknowledge my comment. They certainly never seemed interested in engaging me further.

For example, our teacher forgot her CDs so they were talking about music they would want to work out to. I noticed one guy was wearing a RENT T-shirt. Hey! My favorite musical! Cool! "I've got Rent out in my car," I say with a silly grin, "but just imagine working out to that!"
He just glances at me and goes, "Uh...huh." The he looks back at another girl and starts a new conversation.
OK, I didn't interrupt a conversation and I'm really trying to be likeable, but all of my conversion attempts were like that. It was very frustrating and by the end of it I just wanted to curl up under my yoga mat and hide. Since I was completely by myself, and facing the opposite direction of everyone else, when we were doing mat exercises I'm sure they were all able to look at me and probably laugh at the skinny girl who is too klutzy, uncoordinated, and weak to do Pilates correctly. I know they were watching me at least some of the time because it's the way I got my only comment of the day. The teacher was looking around the room while we were doing our final stretch and said, "Wow, this class is pretty flexible." Then RENT-Boy (is it bad I haven't learned their names yet) glanced at me and said, "Yeah, that's pretty good." At least I can do something right!

All in all, quite frustrating. I wanted to drop at the end of the day, but I just reminded myself that
A/ There's only ten more days of this semester, and I can put up with ten days of anything!
B/ Usually there are more people so I don't stick out like a sore thumb.

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