Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Nothing works! Not the internet and not our lacrosse team!

Our network is halfway down. I say 'halfway' because the internet connection seems to be working fine from my mother's computer, but I can't get on the web to save my life! Firefox simply can't connect. But I can recieve email, albeit slowly and out of order. No one is able to upload to the server, or even access documents currently on the server. Silly me, I knew I oughtn't have listened when Dad said to store important documents there. It's very difficult to work on a research paper when you can't access it from any point in the house! Worse, I'm an idiot who doesn't memorize my passwords, so I can't log on to WebCT to get my business homework and take my quiz, which isn't due 'til Tuesday, but I'd like to get it out of the way!

I'm partly stalling, I know. I could have gotten a lot more done then I have. But I did read the chapter I need to answer the questions for, and I have completed two of three Counseling assignments. The third shall be finished before I go to the lacrosse game tonight.

samikitty, the Stealth will defeat your Roughnecks this year!
(Man, I hope I remembered the right city. Nothing ruins a good challenge faster than naming the wrong team.) We did decently against the Mammoth last night, but they beat us in the end because we are having a slow start this season! (Yes, that's my claim.) We'll kick their asses now that we're playing our first home game, not away in Colorado. COLORADO! It's cold there!
...although we do have a history of performing better at away games. Man, our team, I tell you what...they're a little odd. Apparently I can get my hands on a free beanie cap this evening just for attending the game - FREE STUFF! WOOHOO! I love the Stealth - how can I not love a team with a ninja for a mascot?

Seanie ditched me to go play in the snow today. I am a bit jealous, I admit, but as I curl up nice 'n' toasty on the heating grate and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream I remind myself that I Do Not Like Snow anyway. It mostly works, even when I'm watching the rain fall outside and thinking that if it were only a little colder, that rain would freeze and I could make it into balls and throw it at people. But no, we do not get to do this in San Jose, where winter gets no respect at all. Old Man Winter comes wheezing into town, and the trees are so disrespectful they don't even drop all their leaves.

Off to re-tackle my counseling homework

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