Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Just a bit of silliness.

So I totally didn't notice that I used a five-paragraph standard essay format when I was writing about Lestat yesterday. However, when someone on SomethingAwful pointed the fact out it was all I could see, and now all I can think about is cursing Mrs. Clinton for drilling essay-writing into me way back in high school. I could die of shame, but I won't, because then the public school system wins. But what is really ridiculous is that I never managed to write in the proper format when I was actually graded on it; only now that I've been away from high school four years does the lesson sink in.
But that is neither here nor there.
In fact, that's boring.


So last night on Project Runway the challenge was to design a skating outfit for Sasha Cohen. During class today I designed something cute for her, too.

I don't intend to sew it or anything; it's just a fun little scribble. It certainly was more fun than listening to the lecture.

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