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Final day, final day! Today went really well in my counseling class. My presentation went smoothly - although I interrupted myself to tell a stupid retail anecdote - and I covered all the major information necessary. As I was speaking, one of my classmates was nodding and his eyes totally said "I understand what you're thinking!" (Our presentations were about our Myers-Briggs Personality Types and how it affects our future education and careers.) After class he and I hung out in front of the school for a while talking. Lots of fun; I am not a terribly social person at school so any social experience I get into is unexpected. He even invited me over to watch Project Runway that evening, but the prospect of such lit Seanie into such a fit of the jealous that I opted to stay home and watch Interview with a Vampire instead.

I also took my business final today; it wasn't too difficult either. I'm pretty sure I'll get an A on it, but unfortunately I think I'll get a B in the class, because I missed one quiz and many of my daily questions were late. Too bad - you'd think that getting A's on all the major projects would be enough. It's the day-to-day work that always kills me, I swear.

My major goal this weekend is to get caught up so I will be ready for the new school year. This means I have to get both my room cleaned up and my socializing taken care of, although it'll be in the limited form of phone calls. I hate that, but I work a lot too so I don't think I'll be able to see anyone outside of already scheduled events. But we'll see.

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