Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Crayons should always be requisite for school.

So I wanted to decorate my paper journal and the first art equipment I came across was a box of crayons. I found myself thinking, "Crayons. CRAYONS MAN. Why was the last time I used these things?" So I popped open the box and, lo and behold, they were all brand new! Save for the brown crayon. Very strange. I wonder what I colored that was all brown. Maybe it was a bear. So I took the crayons and started to decorate my journal, and wow. Crayons are GREAT. I felt just like a little kid again! What made me stop using crayons?

Anyway. So. Work was long today - I really didn't want to go in this morning, probably because I gave up my day off yesterday to pull product before schoola nd I was burnt out - and it was made even longer because the shift was extended. It was mostly mundane work, like processing shipment and minor floorset changes, but I spent a lot of time selling too, because it was only Lisa and I on the sales floor. Of the four initial hours I was scheduled to work, I must've spent at least one and a half selling! And Lisa wonders why the shipment doesn't get done! But it can't be helped, really - I can't ignore customers if they ask me questions.

At four Jeannie met me at work and we wandered around Oakridge, insulting every article of clothing that we ran into. Stick-thin girls in short shorts and knee-length Uggs? UGH. Tank tops with sequins sewn around the hem or at the neckline? Tacky. Imitation Louis Vuitton heels? Trashy. I hadn't seen Jeannie since late December so it was really fun to tramp around with her. I'm glad that it was only for a few hours, tho' - not because I didn't have fun, but I had errands to run and projects to take care of for school, and I haven't had a lot of free time to work on things lately.
Tags: bath & body works, crayons, jeannie

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