Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Project Runway's kind've a letdown to me. Somehow.

So, I guess I'm just curious...
But when Project Runway mentions 'industry insiders' are present at the Olympus Fashion Week show - shouldn't they just out and say 'Bravo TV associates?'
Because while I admit that I did see Debra Messing, and I can't think of any connection she has to the show, nearly all the other attendees were current & former PR people (Austin Scarlett and his model, Melissa, for sure!), Bravo's assortment of tv stars (Four of the Queer Eye cast, for example) and employees/friends of Bravo Corporation. I got all excited when I noticed Collier Strong was in attendence - until I remembered that he is Loreal, one of the shows major sponsers.

Edit: Just kidding on Debra - apparently she's judging the final competition. (Sorry if I'm spoiling something for someone!) Anne Hathaway was there too, so count her amongst random celebrities.
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