Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Happy Valentine's 2006

So according to Seanie, he was going to do some crazy stuff for Valentine's Day. He had plans, and they involved flowers and fancy dinners – but then the bill collectors came and the plans trickled down to running to the bank on his lunch break to deposit twenty cents in the vain hope he wouldn't have to pay an overdraft fee.
Not quite according to plan.

But we still had fun! We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's. (Yeah yeah yeah...not romantic. You know what? Seanie put a NICKEL in the jukebox to play the Turtle's HAPPY TOGETHER and that was pretty romantic, OK?
...well, it was, too, and so there.) After we ran around Target and made a post office run we watched the Olympics. (Plushenko skated and HE KICKED ASS. Let us all fan ourselves after feeling hot and bothered at the memory.) (If this were any other day I would plaster this journal with photos of my favorite Russian, but it seems rather disrespectful to my boyfriend at this particular moment.) (Just for this moment.) We also took a nice nap, the foundation of any successful relationship.
He didn't snore.

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