Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Someday my house will fit me.

Man, so OK. There's this bookshelf that Mom hauled out some room somewhere (I honestly haven't a clue where it came from – there was just suddenly a brown bookcase in the upstairs hallway one morning) and I decided I wanted it. It was ugly, and made of that odd faux compacted wood – particleboard? Is that what it is called? – but it would be effective and help free up space in my bedroom. So today I heaved and I hoed and I pulled that sucker into my room and set it up, and lo and behold! It's ugly! It doesn't match any furniture in my room! (In fact, no two pieces of furniture in my room match. It's HIDEOUS.) It covered up posters that I was too lazy to move!

BUT I have a new bookshelf, and for the first time in my life I have something that specifically holds my CDs. (If I could only find all my CDs, I'd be set.) It also holds about half my manga collection. It replaced the smaller, less stable bookshelf that previously housed my American Girl dolls, so they are taking up the bottom shelf. (I am nervous about the eventual earthquake – I suspect they'll be snapped in half!) Until I remodel my room – which I doubt will happen until I eventually move away – it's pretty cool to me, man. Maybe I'll actually CLEAN UP one of these days.

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