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For the record, I love that song, by Daft Punk. Well, not so much the song as the music video, which is beautiful and mysterious and wonderful and fluffy and nice. But that's beside the point for now.
I'm going to tell you the story of the girl who ran for ASB Secretary many, many times.

First, she ran in the ASB Elections. She ran unopposed. She had a very cool Daria campaign poster. She skipped out on her speech.

And she won. Got upwards of 90% of the popular vote.

Unfortunately, after she won they did GPA checks, and it turned out her GPA wasn't high enough.

So she was disqualified. And that made her sad.

Two weeks later, she got ready to commission for ASB Secretary, having fixed the GPA problem. Commissions were delayed a week. And that made her sad, because she wanted to get this over with quickly. Plus, she didn't want to commission against Anna Rose Nigro, who is not her favorite person in the whole wide world. Not-uh.

Tuesday morning she came to school, and was told that decisions had been made when she had missed class due to the AP Exams. Because her GPA problem had been fixed, she was now ASB Secretary. And that made her happy.

One hour later, her Leadership class (the traitors!) made a hasty, irrational decision based on high emotions and petty personal agendas. Due to several discrepencies in the way that the elections had been run, they had to be canceled and done again. So the girl was no longer ASB Secretary, and that pissed the pants off her.

So this week, she has to run again. And she is MAD. But she is going to get that position.

Because she is ASB Secretary, especially after all she's been through.

So don't nobody run against her, or they will be hurt. Badly. By. Flying. Monkeys.

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