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Book McBook

Today was a book day. Seanie and I, with my brother Kenny in tow, went up to Mountain View again to visit Bookbuyers. I have been on a manga-spending spree, desperate to finish several of my collections that have been missing only a few volumes for years and years.

So to Bookbuyers we went - my original intent was to buy all of the volumes of Fushigi Yugi they carried; when I went with Mom to sell they had one through 1-9. When we arrived, FY was still there - but they were the older-styled editions, and cost the price of a brand-new unflipped edition, so I decided to wait on that one. Instead I purchased four volumes of Inu-Yasha, two of Peach Girl, the first three graphic novels of Fables plus the Boy Blue/Red Riding Hood issue, Dr Strange & Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke, and The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory. At some point during the day I got the idea into my head that I had to get every volume of Parasyte, so when we got home from Bookbuyers I went on-line and found every volume I was missing except #5 - for some reason the cheapest copy I could find was $90! Ridiculous!

Other on-line book vendors have led me to complete the following collections:
- Angelic Layer
- Chobits
- Little Shop of Horrors
- Mars
- Tokyo Babylon (guess I was on a major CLAMP kick!)

Anywho. Major spending on books - I blew through my entire paycheck in a forty-eight hour period! That was a stupid decision, to say the least - but I did get $100 into savings before I started spending so at least it's not ALL bad.

My parents are out of town this weekend so Seanie will probably end up spending every night here. Happy Romantic Weekend! He's allowed to stay over when they're here, but he has to sleep on the cold hard floor downstairs. When they aren't home, he can stay in my bed. Yay.
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