Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

$9.00 to $9.50, $10 to $10.50

When Lisa smiles at you and says, "Wouldn't it be FUN to reticket the FBC products?" please run, run RUN as far from her as you can. It is dull, tedious work that drains your brain of all intelligence, leaving you with a withered, dry husk.

When I went in at seven this morning (7 AM! The horror!) Shiloh, Valerie, and I were assigned walls to work and given sheets of stickers with tiny little price tags on them. All of the FBC Pleasures products, from the shower gel to the body creams to the bar soaps, were being raised fifty cents in price. We had to take each tiny little sticker (about 3mm by 6mm) and place them over the pre-printed price. Manually. There wasn't a price gun in sight.
It took us eight hours, three in the front of the store and five in the stock room.
You talk about a hand cramp.

It wasn't all that bad, really. The work was tedious but it wasn't difficult - as long as your hands kept moving you were free to giggle, gossip, and divulge. Shiloh told us all about her childhood - which is fascinating. She grew up in a very small town, and grew her own food, and her mother homeschooled her and her two sisters. They wore cotton dresses and bonnets whenever they went into the 'big city' - which was Modesto! Fascinating stuff, man - Shiloh was totally Little House on the Prarie, but now she acts like just any other city girl so you'd never guess her childhood had been any different than the average. I also learned that she's older than me - I totallly thought she was only 19 or 20.
Valerie talked about her promise ring that she wears and I regaled them with tales of my failed relationship with Sailor. At lunch Valerie split her Panda Express with Shiloh and I. Free food - yay!

We actually finished on time - even a few minutes early. But I had thought it was only going to be a three or four hour shift, and that we'd leave before the store opened, so I had not showered before coming in. I felt SO stinky and dirty by the end of my shift that I just wanted to leap out of my skin and wash it down with one of our bottles of antibacterial soap. I was SO HAPPY to jump into the shower and feel the hot hot hot water burn away layers of cardboard bits and grime.
Tags: bath & body works, shiloh, valerie

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