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President's Day 2006

Most of Monday was spent with Seanie - originally we had planned to spend the day doing something positively maah-vahlous! and exciting and all the other one hundred and one cool things we don't do anymore. I mean, we had a day off! A vacation! How could we not take advantage of this adventuresome day?
I'll tell you how. Heck, I'll give you the perfect recipe!

First, take a pinch of oversleeping.
Throw in a dash of ennui.
Toss in a bitchy girl on the rag.
Toss in an exhausted boy who wants to meet his friends for lunch.

We went to a burrito stand in Cupertino (Yes, we drove to Cupertino for burritos. That's like flying to Kansas for Chinese food. Why would you?) with Sandy, Mike, and Matt. Wait. I'm missing someone. Oh yeah! Sandy's boyfriend - a new one, although they have been friends for years - shut up! I'm refusing to notice the parallels - Josh was also there. I had just eaten cereal an hour before, and I wasn't really in the mood for Mexican, so I just got some Nantucket Nectar juice (by the way, strawberries and kiwi? Disgusting.) and it turned out to be a good thing, because one burrito was about the size of my foot. No, make that both of my feet. Together.
Including the freakishly long toes.
HUGE BURRITOS. So everyone else was tearing into their food and talking about any number of topics, none of which really interested me (the only one I can actually recall is masturbation but I can't even remember the context) so I was spacing out and thinking about Elizabeth Taylor's jewels and wouldn't it be nice to own the Krupp diamond, even though I'm not particularly fond of diamonds generally because that one is cut very nicely and it's also about the size of my fist and da-yum would that be fun to flash in everyone's face, not to mention if someone upset me wouldn't that leave a dent in their face and that would be pretty fun, don't you think? and all this made Seanie worry, because when I don't talk to his friends it makes it awkward.
It's not like I was ignoring them. Purposefully. I just wasn't feel chatty.
I bet I'd be chatty with La Peregrina around my neck. Hmph.

A quick stop at Home Depot and then we were at Mike's house, watching him drill holes into a garbage can lid. I am not making this up. He has decided to make his own booze - from oranges! - and Seanie has invested in his project by purchasing supplies for him. Should be interesting to see what results come out of this project, but in the meantime drilling holes is not an exciting visual sequence. Usually I would talk to Sandy in such a situation, but she was busy canoodling with Josh and who am I to interrupt that?

Around two Seanie and I left and perhaps could finally embark on our wild adventure, but instead we slugged around in his car, driving aimlessly, stopping at comic book stores in an attempt to locate Parasyte #5. Eventually we did,and for a meager $10 located a book currently going for $90 on abebooks and Rock on.

Then home to watch TV 'til the brains turn to mush.
Gawd we're domestic.
Tune in next week for the exciting tale of how we very nearly rent a movie from Blockbuster but at the last moment decide to stay home because it is drizzling and it would be terrible to get my beat-up Converse shoes wet.
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