Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Early Lent Ponderings

Gosh, today was just a blur. I can't remember anything. I went to school, and...and...class happened? In Kurtz's class we worked on our closed seams and in Singletary's class she reminded us that our full-size patterns were due next Tuesday. But the actual content of classes is a smear of ink in my memory.

I've begun to think about Lent a bit. Fat Tuesday is next week, and then Ash Wednesday. What should I give up this year? It can't be just anything. For me, Lent is about self-improvement - rather like New Year's, especially if you spend Tuesday drinking your last dregs of beers for forty days - so to just give up something random, like chocolate or ugly clothes seems like an insult to the day.

I think I will definitely resolve to be more upstanding in my spiritual pursuits. I want to start going to church regularly again, so I suppose the proper way to go about it is to give up my Sunday mornings, or at the very least the sleep they would normally be spent indulging in. It's pretty shameful, how far I've fallen out of habit of church.

I want to work on better time management, and the two biggest drains on my time are my computer and my cell phone. So, I am going to give up phone calls between the hours of ten in the morning and eight at night - not only will this save money on my phone bill, it will keep me on task, I think. Or maybe I'll just cram all of my telephone calls into night hours.
As for my computer, I am going to give it up but for two hours a day. I'll keep a log of how much time I spend on-line, and that will be all I am allowed.
Exceptions may be allowed for school, and school alone.

Hmmm. What do you think? Are you giving anything up for Lent?
Tags: clutter, jesus, lent

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