Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I always try to strive toward the productive.

To a certain extent I'm continuing a tangent from yesterday: scheduling.
Seven days a week. I want to dedicate certain projects to certain days, so that hopefully I'll set up a routine and stick to it.
Certain things have to be done every day, like:
- homework
- school
- work
- eating

But there are other things that are very fun and ought to be done as often as one can:
- drawing
- sewing
- socializing
- reading
- other 'arts'

So I think that what I want to to do is pick a day of the week and always work on whatever project suits the day, whenever the necessary chores and associations are done.
My current thoughts are:
Sunday - Cleaning & Organizing (Yes, I'm a freak - I do enjoy this to a certain degree)
Monday - Reading (It suits my schedule since I'm in and out of class all day)
Tuesday - Creative Day (exercise myself with a current discipline or branch out into a new one - for example, it's been ages since I did anything with photography!)
Wednesday - Socializing, usually with the boyfriend, and with an emphasis on family
Thursday - Sewing for fun and pleasure
Friday - Creative Day, with an emphasis on design
Saturday - Socializing and reading when no-one is available

Friday and Saturday can be swapped as necessary.

Is it obssessive and anal that I want to plan my life out this way? I worry that it is. But over the past few weeks, I forget everything I've done in a few short days. I hope that with an activity regimen I would have better recall of what's happened, and hopefully I'll be more productive too.
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