Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Money and grubbing. Mostly grubby.

My dear sweet boyfriend's pen set is sitting on my desk and I want to play with it. It is a turquoise glass pen that I got him for his birthday last year, and a small bottle of indigo ink rests in the box with it. But the pen looks so clean! I don't want to use it and get it dirty, because...well, it's not mine to do that to! But it looks so lonely, lying there, sparkling in the light, just begging to be written with. I really ought to buy one for myself - they sell them at the Gentleman's Emporium - in a very cute red and black color scheme. But what I'm really keen on from that website is the travel desk; I wish there was a way to see one before I purchase one, but I think it's such a neat thing to have. It looks like it wouldn't be terribly difficult to make if I was carpentry-minded.
But I'm not.
(Anyone who is, please feel free to make me a campaign desk!) (Possibly in rosewood! Not that I am picky!)

So work.
Work was long, a full eight hours! Tomorrow we are doing a wall move, with nearly every shelf in the store switching sides. It's necessary because our stock changes so frequently, and out wall space is limited, so every six months or so we have to move our walls and rearrange shelf allotment for each product. It's a pain in the rear for sure, for both us and the customers! But it is what it is, and it must be done.

So this afternoon for the first two hours of my shift I sorted out the new marketing, and in the latter half of my shift I split my time between working the sales floor and cleaning/rearranging the Tutti Dolce wall. It looked so nice and clean when I was done! But the mirror behind the shelves was so mucked up with ancient bubble bath and body lotion that had been caked on by careless customers that it took nearly half an hour to get the grime off. This is when the store was open, with customers walking in and out! It did not look good to someone walking buy, because product was scattered everywhere and the cabinet was completely disassembled, that is for sure. But it had to be done.

Man, my next paycheck should be pretty nice. It has at least two eight-hour days on it.
Tags: art, bath & body works

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