Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sunday Night Floorset - Walls

Last night was the first of two floorsets in two consecutive weekends; on the one hand it is very nice to have lots of hours - floorsets mean I will be working a minimum of 12 hours a week - but they are so much work! We were moving walls - twice a year the store has to move merchandise around to find a home for new merchandise and take out discontinued product - which can get very tedious, because there is so much cleaning and construction involved.

First you have to remove all the product from the wall - hundreds of bottles in each section - and dismantle the wooden shelves to get to the glass mirror behind. After Windexing all the dried up bits of crud from the back wall, the shelves have to be realigned and then reinstalled into the wall. The old product has been moved across the store or wherever it's going, and the new products must be hunted down and placed into the wall following the exact instructions of the magazine page. It's time-consuming, and can take up to an hour to do each cabinet. There are at least 40 cabinets in our store.

I was doing home fragrance, so I was given a total of four cabinets to do myself. Henri Bendel candles, Fragrance Oil, Wallflowers, and real|essence candles. Not only was that more cabinets than anyone else, I had to constantly stop and help other people with their walls, because only one or two other girls had done a wall move before and no-one knew how to put walls together, where product was, etc. etc. Eventually someone else had to be brought over to help me because I was so far behind, so I spent the last hour training a new girl named Emily. She worked with Deborah at Old Navy - I'm curious if she's going to be a long term person or if she'll be gone again in a month.
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