Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Random Pimping

I'm pretty sure I've pimped BookCrossing before, but let's do it JUST one more time.

So right now, is having a li'l challenge to see if we can get 3,000,000 books registered by April 17th, which is BookCrossing's 5th anniversary. I'd really love to see the goal reached, so I'm encouraging those of you already members of BookCrossing to register those books you've been meaning to add; if you've never seen the site before please check it out!

BookCrossing is a great site to both keep track of your private book shelf, acquire new books cheaply, and get rid of books you no longer care for. It costs nothing to join and once registered a huge library of books is opened up to you. The people registered there always have seemed extremely generous to me. Little Green Head It's definitely worth the time!

The main website is here:

My username over there is k00kaburra (big surprise, huh?), and if you want to browse my bookshelf feel free! I am more than happy to send out my available books if you find one you want.
My bookshelf:
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