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Magical Mystery Tour

I had a call-in shift this afternoon, and for some silly reason I thought I wouldn't get it. But when I called in at eleven, Lisa cheerfully informed me that I was definitely working, so I had to rush and hurry to get showered and properly attired on time. I was on the sales floor and processing shipment, a combination guarenteed to keep me busy. Once again I made all my segments, bringing my string of good segments up to four, I believe. (I have not been keeping perfect track.) I didn't complete shipment, even though I stayed over an hour over, but I did put a good-sized dent in it.

Seanie came and picked me up, and we wondered down to the food court because I was hungry. While there we ran into Kitty, so we hung out for about an hour before FINALLY heading home. I was ready to crash and burn, but Seanie's friend Matt called and said "Hey! Magic show at this guy's house! Come and see!" I was nervous because the way Seanie explained it to me made it seem like we were crashing a random stranger's party, but I didn't want to seem like a boring wet blanket so I agreed "OK, let's go."

It turns out this was at the house of a guy who seems to be quite obsessed with magic. He is in what seems almost like a Magician's Club - they hang out and perform tricks about once a month in shows for whoever drops in. There were drinks and food and a tiny $5 cover for the evening. Two stages had been set up - one for close-ups, which are tricks involving little items like cards and coins - and one for grander tricks. It was a great evening of wonder and excitement! There were about eight performers and all.

The close-up show was first. The first magician, Merlin Silvermane, was a swindler. He showed us (and aptly demonstrated) a couple of different tricks used to seperate simpletons from their money. It included 'Fast & Loose,' a chain game that involved simply looping the chain around your finger and seeing if it catches. He also showed us Three Card Monty - but of course he didn't reveal HOW to do the tricks.

He was followed by a man who took Seanie's class ring and somehow transported it from one hand to the middle of his wand, which was being held by a middle-school aged boy on both ends. It was really cool, and baffling - obviously like any dupe I was watching the wrong hand and didn't see how the ring made its transition. A young man in a black trenchcoat followed him - he spoke quietly but waved his cards around so quickly you could barely follow them. Beautiful playing cards he had - black with silver queens and aces printed upon the top. It was his first show, and he could use a bit of work on showmanship - he clearly has his one-on-one down pat. He was followed by a man who did a confusing coin trick with an odd 'shrunken heads' story that I couldn't follow at all.

After roughly an hour's wait, the second show began. It had a man dressed as the Phantom of the Opera who did rope trips, and another fellow who put a diaper box on his head and passed umbrellas through it without putting holes in his skull. The shrunken head performer appeared again, but his second act was as forgettable as the first. His long-haired friend correctly guessed a number the entire room collaborated to put together.

The final act was Chin Chin, an award-winning magician with the greatest showmanship so far. He clearly sparkled under his own star. He was a cocky fellow - he stole Seanie's cell phone when Seanie volunteered to help him with a trick, and made so much fun! He called Seanie Napolean Dynamite as Seanie walked up to the front (many people do that and Seanie HATES it) and had him pick a card. He then 'shuffled' it into the deck and placed the entire deck in his mouth. Using his tongue he selected three cards, and would edge them out, asking "Is this the card? Is this?" and Seanie kept replying no, it wasn't. Seanie, it turned out, didn't even remember his card - a Queen of something Black. Luckily he'd shown it to the audience, so they were able to remind him that it was the Queen of Spades. Chin Chin took the cards back out of his mouth, and a strange expression came over his face. He made a face and coughed, like he was choking - and out of his throat came Seanie's card, neatly folded into quarters. Disgusting, but fun!
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