Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Another day, another round of floorset prepartion. Debs was good to her word and pulled all the marketing signs, so I just needed to line up black bins and fill them up with new product. It is going to be a major spring fragrance launch, and we have SO MANY new items! There is the fragrant body care, or FBC collection (but now we call it the Signature Collection, because that sounds more dignified; we used to call it Daily Beauty Rituals or DBR when I first started with the company) because three new fragrances have been added:
- White Cherry Blossom
- Japanese Cherry Blossom
- Pear Blossom
A fourth fragrance, Magnolia Blossom, will debut in a trial size with the full launch in April. A Perfect Spring home fragrance line, including candles, fragrance oils nad room spray will be launched in three of the new blossom fragrances - all except Japanese Cherry Blossom.
Suncare, meaning tanning products as well as sunscreen, is also going to be introduced. Many of the products are the same as last year, but we have greatly expanded our tanning collection! Two years ago it was a tanning lotion and a sunscreen; now we've got tanning foam, wipes, puffs, and gradual tanning lotions in both a plain 'regular' fragrance and five of the Breathe collection fragrances! I am debating whether I want to buy a bottle of one of them - probably Delight - because it makes your skin gradually darker over the course of a week, rather than a sudden orange glow like you can get with immediate result tanning products. But really, am I not fine the color I am, even if I am bright white? I rather like being pale.
Tags: bath & body works

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