Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Savannah Bee

Today was the Savannah Bee launch meeting - instead of my usual trick of sitting in the back row of associates hiding from my managers as they search for role play participants, I actually had to give the Savannah Bee introduction and presentation! It is part of Lisa's strategy to prepare me for eventual management. Because I know you're dying to know about the Savannah Bee line as much as anyone else, here are my presentation's notes:

The Savannah Bee Company produces the best naturally-based and enviornmentally friendly products around. Their reserach into the benefits of honey has inspired this new line of the most natural products Savannah has to offer - for the bath, body, and home.

Beekeeper Ted Dennard (rhymes with "Leonard") started The Savannah Bee Company as a small gourmet honey company, producing pure varieties of honey without processing and stripping them of their great taste and health benefits. The Savannah Bee Company grew from Ted's passion for beekeeping, his love of honey and his connection to his Southern roots.

Savannah Bee makes products that have a great skin-feel, superior texture and wonderful fragrance - while maintaining its natural and wholesome integrity.

So now you know!
Of the products I tried, I really like the Blackberry Honey Hand Soap. It has a sweet fragrance - but not overpoweringly so - and is very gentle on the skin, unlike the harsher anti-bacterial hand soaps that people are constantly buying.
Tags: bath & body works

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