Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Great America

Seanie and I went to Great America today! How exciting! That's what you're thinking - right?
The trouble is, if you don't like roller coasters Great America isn't really a great place to go, because unlike Disneyland, which has a variety of rides and diversified their entertainment options, Great America has roller coasters that go up and down, roller coasters that spin you in a circle, rides that spin you in a circle, and rides that go up and down. If none of these options appeal, you're left with about five rides to enjoy.
Make that three if you're feeling queasy and sick, as I was.

I blame the morning rush for the unhappy stomach. I overslept and wasn't ready to go when Seanie appeared on my doorstep at ten; he went off and bought some accessories for his cell phone while I showered and dressed. By then it was nearly lunch-time, so we drove down to the area of Great America and had pancakes at IHOP - Seanie had a craving for them. I tried something called a 'blintze' and felt all worldly because it was something I hadn't previously heard of. It turns out they were thin pancakes stuffed with cream cheese and topped with strawberries - a very, very sweet and slightly sour dish that I had to force myself to finish, because it was very filling and tasted funny after the first few bites.
But waste not, want not, and the blintzes joined the fat rolls of my thighs.

At the gates of Great America we had a minor tiff regarding my lack of communication and Seanie's inability to drop a conversation that soured my mood for several hours, although I didn't want it to. There are teenagers that take your photo when you enter the park, and the last thing I wanted was my devil's face on film so when the started approaching I held up my hand in front of my face with a very cranky "NO." Seanie said I was acting like a fussy celebrity - damn right.

We met up with Seanie's friends and went on a couple of rides. Like I said, if you aren't interested in roller coasters it's a difficult park to enjoy; the cloudy, rain-threatening sky above made water rides seem risky so we only went on two, White Water Rapids and the Log Ride. I like water rides - who knows why. Toss some water on a roller coaster and I'm rarin' to go - otherwise I can't stand them.
Anyway. Seanie's friends had been there all morning so they'd ridden most of everything they wanted so we left pretty soon. Good thing the tickets had been free; it would've been SUCH a waste of time otherwise.
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