Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Batboy, The Musical

Independence High School did a production of Batboy!: The Musical, and one of my brother's friends was performing.
So, being supportive naturally Kendrick had to go.
But Indy's over in the crummy part of San Jose so MOm didn't want him going alone, so Seanie and I were bribed into accompanying him.

I had mixed feelings about attending. I have been wanting to see the Batboy musical ever since I heard it existed, but I was hoping to see it performed by someone more professional than a high school crew. No offense to the drama students - I'm sure they all work very hard - but high school musicals always seem painful, because not everyone can sing and the sets are pretty crummy and the costumes certainly are a joke and dancing - well, you can just forget that.
But it was something to do, and Mom was going to stay up all night worrying if Kendrick went by himself. So off we go.

It could have been worse.
Sure, only Batboy's vocal cords were enjoyable to listen to; his 'father' wasn't singing so much as shouting his lyrics and I can't remember anyone else, a stamp of mediocre. His love interest and sister had apparently done her own make-up, and painted herself brighter than a French whore. Her lips were black, her blush purple, and her eyes an odd green that didn't complement her skin tone. I know theatre makeup is supposed to be heavy but come on! Surely it needn't be that bad.

The story itself was contrived but mildly interesting - the lyrics were even good, certainly a higher quality than Lestat or The Haunting of Winchester.
Tags: batboy, theatre

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