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20 March 2006 @ 02:15 pm
Everybody loves midterms, and I had an especially fascinating one on communication today. As a random sampling, special for you today are the five easy steps proved most effective by my textbook's authors to help navigate life's difficult conversations:

1. Check the timing.
No point trying to discuss a problem if the other person can't/won't listen. It's kind've a no-brainer.

2. State the facts.
Don't be vague; let the person know exactly what's bothering you in a non-accusatory way. Specifics, people!

3. State your feelings.
You still don't get to lash out, but let them person know that their actions make you sad/upset/scared/whatever.

4. State your needs.
Tell them what you want/expect them to do to fix the problem.

Ask the other person for a response.
Get feedback! Open up dialogue!

Easy midterm! Unfortunately it was scheduled at the beginning of class, so I still had to sit through everybody else taking it and two more hours of class.
I was totally going to ditch early, but when I walked out the door the teacher asked me directly "Are yuo really leaving?" and I felt guilty and just ran out to my car to get my cell phone instead.