Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


I have been terribly obsessed with books lately, to the point I think have simply got to slow down. Books can be as addictive as anything else - but growing up I was raised to believe that it was an acceptable addiction, far better than baseball cards or Barbie dolls. "Books are good," I always tell myself, and then let a $100+ order go through on because books are OK to spend money on, even when you're dirty rotton poor.

I have denied myself new clothes, fun events - even basic needs like a new strapless bra and new glasses frames and an ink cartridge for my color printer! - all to pay off my credit card, and when I get close to success I buy lots of books, because "books are good."
I really need to step back, stop, and get ahold of myself. I do not need new books, and I have plenty to read sitting on a shelf just outside my bedroom door.
No more needed 'til these are read.
Take control.
Tags: books, clutter, money

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