Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

My Castle in the Air

Sometimes I just like to lay back and daydream about great life is going to be when I 'grow up.' (Will I ever reach an age when I feel I have grown up?) I'll live in my own house, which will be tastefully decorated with colored walls, rich, ornate furniture of a dark wood, artwork of my own creation, wiith gorgeousd textures and nary a mess in sight, because somehow I will find the will and the way to keep my dream house clean. (Maid.)

My kitchen will be clean and thoroughly mdoern - no kitschy country chicken or cow decorations for me! I will cook my own healthy, balanced meals every day, and I will not have the "clutter" of excessive cans of food in my pantry. I will only keep enough to get me through an earthquake - no more! Of course everything will be kept in its own special place - organization will be king of my kitchen. Surprisingly, I don't have a color scheme worked up yet. I don't everything silver and white - too sterile. Ugh.

I will wear cute dresses and heels daily - maybe I won't always manage make-up, but I will be perky and pretty in appearance.

I will have a library/office, a bedroom, a hobby/sewing/craft rom, and a sitting/entertainment room. Obviously such a place won't be affordable right away, but think how fantastic my home will be when I finally have it! if I have to I will freeze in the winters and sweat in the summers, and go without phonelines and television to keep my house.

When I think about what I can try to do now to bring that home closer to reality, I just remind myself to declutter and streamline my possessions, so that when the time comes I can move right away. I remind myself to study hard and work hard, so that I can graduate from school and have a good job so that I can afford this home.

Seanie thinks it strange that I would be happy to have so many rooms just for myself - he says he wouldn't need anything larger than a kitchen/bathroom/bedroom set-up. I would feel so trapped in such a set-up. It would be downright depressing to be so crowded.
Tags: castles in the air, clutter

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