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Aviary, Pariah, Travestery, Elijah

I was looking through my notebooks last night and found an old vocab workbook from third grade. I flipped through it, wondering if anything useful was inside it, like old characters from childhood stories or quotes or even a phone number from Rachel Turk.
As it turns out, the first word list in this book included 'pariah' and 'aviary.' It made me laugh. Totally cracked me up. Why? We just had both those words on a recent vocabulary packet. In junior year. In 11th grade. it's only been what - eight years?

As I continued looking, more and more words appeared. Scanty. Lavish. Asinine. Vindicate. Vacillate. I'd had all these words before, no wonder I could spell them now when we were doing them again for SAT Prep. It was really odd, though. I mean, if I was doing this in third grade, other kids must've been doing it too. So why can't they spell the words now?

Oh I wonder
what's in my wonder ball?

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