Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Spring Floorset I

Sunday night (two days ago) was the major Spring Blossom floorset. We had hte potential to get our super-early - Deborah's time estimates had us finishing up at 10 pm.
That was before we had five no-hshows.
When we realized how few people we would have working, D and I were both so FRUSTRATED. But that certainly isn't productive, so we sucked it up and worked HARD.
Because the store is introducing four new floral fragrances, fancy bouquets had been sent to decorate the store. Some of them were three foot tall pillars of interwoven flower towers. The stems were woven together in a column and at the top were large, colorful daisy and magnolia blooms. Additionally, the store mannequin needed to have roughly two dozen silk flowers pinned to her chest in a very specific design - guess which lucky, artistic visual girl won the chance to decorate her?
Why, that's right - ME!
It was actually pretty fun. The company had provided us exact instructions on how to decorate the bodice - too bad they didn't send all the flowers they claimed they would! I made do as best I could, and the dress form looked good - but she looked nothing like the company-provided photograph!

Considering we still got out around midnight, we did very well! Most of the newer associates complained that it was waaaaay too late, but if they'd realized how badly off we were I'm sure they would've been much more appreciative that we weren't getting our at two or three in the morning!
Tags: bath & body works

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