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Can't be Friday, feels like a Thursday

All throughout today, I kept thinking, "It's Thursday. I should've had a JSA meeting at lunch today, because it is Thursday. I have an election interview today, because it is Thursday. I have several projects due today, because it is Thursday."
Of course, as those of you with calenders know, today was Friday. I mean, normally I count the days as often as anyone, but it didn't feel like a Friday. It felt like a Thursday. Ugh.

Anyway, today was such a lazy day at school. I mean, since I don't have a 1st period, I came drifting onto campus at 9:45 and was nearly late to class. In Leadership, we quickly approved some money stuff and listened to Price tell us the story of the kid who carries books home from school, gets knocked over, becomes best friends with a boy who helps him out, and admits years later that he was going to commit suicide that day so long ago. You've heard the tale. It's one of the most popular sob stories on the 'Net. Anyway, we went out to play Icebreakers after that.

Icebreakers, as you know, are the games you play at camp or conventions or WHATEVER to get to know other kids better. It was majorly fun! I loved it, running around in the grass and the sun, trying to stay balanced with everyone else - wicked cool.

But playing games all period meant we didn't do any work. And then in AP History, since the class itself is done, all I did was go to Mrs. Freschi's and work on the newspaper, which also didn't feel so much like work as just screwing around.

So it didn't feel like school today. Weird.

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