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08 April 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Seanie and I slept so much later than we meant to - originally he and I had planned to be out of the house early, but we overslept and procrastinated and didn't leave the house until past twelve, and by the time we'd gotten breakfast at IHOP it was nearly two in the afternoon.

We went up to Mountain View to visit Bookbuyers with Seanie's friend Josh, and I purchased three novels (never mind I still have plenty to read as it is!) I wanted to get a few books about sewing but they were all over ten dollars each, so I had to run them by Mom or else by them with my own cash. I'll definitely apply for the job there. The only problem is that I have to bring my resume and cover letter back up to Mountain View - maybe I'll be able to do that on Tuesday. I could probably even go up after school tomorrow night - they're open really late, 'til midnight if I remember correctly.

At work I couldn't seem to get anything right - I couldn't sell a single PWP, and I had mighty poor luck with the magnolia hand lotions. I really do like working at Bath & Body Works, but when I'm trying to force-sell products like that I get so frustrated with failure after failure. I guess I really need to work on bringing sincerity and urgency to my pitch - if it seems like a must-have limited time offer people will definitely pick up a bottle of whatever.
Closing was really bad - for some reason we just couldn't locate anything and we are so desperately low on a lot of our products. Shipment's going to be a bitch Monday - and I'm scheduled to do it, and sell as well. Yippee yay.

Time to try extra hard to get a new job!
oilofjoyoilofjoy on April 10th, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC)
I hope you get the job!! =)