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Yume: 'Succumb to death - you only have to die.' Over and over and over again, that phrase repeats, echoing through ancient speakers as I dance with Davy, heels clicking against the hard marble tiles patterned on the floor.

Today was fun, overall. It started out slow at work - Jose said we'd start sandwiches this week, so every day I worry that I'll have to start assembling meat and bread. So far, we haven't; I hope the trend continues and we never do.

I basically skipped math today; I showed up, found out I needed a Scantron (which I didn't have and couldn't buy for lack of funds) and left. We're allowed to miss one quiz, and while I'm frustrated I had to waste my free quiz on this one (the first quiz is always so easy! Darn it!) I've made a mental note never to forget a freakin' scantron again. It's the first class I've had to purchase one; Malek always provided them. *sigh*
Art class was canceled, which made going out to campus seem like such a waste. Ah well...zestybaby! (That's my supreme bastardization of c'est la vie. It's really funny in person!)

Have you seen my girl? She's the one with the curly hair. She was sitting just right over there; now she's nowhere to be found. I think she's mad at me. I don't know why - maybe because I made her cry when I told her I was down. She only likes me when I'm high; she's always trying to get me stoned. She wants to see me in her sky, and has to have me there alone. She's got me on my knees, beggin "Baby, Baby, please! Don't hurt me - no, don't hurt me so!"

My throat's been scratchy for the past couple of hours; I think I may have caught the Boyfriend's cold. He claims it's allergies, but come on, allergies aren't contagious and I have no one else to blame it on.

Lindsay's at it again. She makes me cringe; I'll be sharing a room with her at Fanime and just the thought of it makes me wince. Today she IM'd me out of the blue and told me all about Johji's dreams. This is bad and wrong, because
A/ Just because you're in someone's dreams doesn't make it your business to share to whomever you please
B/ I don't give a damn what he dreams, quite frankly.
C/ If I did, I'd rather hear it from him and not you.
D/ How on earth did you live eighteen years and fail to gain basic social necessities like tact and the ability to reason?
E/ You're boring. Go away!
Anyway, apparently he had a series of dreams and in each she hurt him in one way or another, whether it be by running him over in a car or pushing him into a pond. "Sam, what does that mean?" I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd say that probably means he feels abused by you. Hmmmm....of course, sometimes the cigar is just a cigar, ne?

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