Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Palm Sunday 2006

Today was the first time in two weeks that Ddady was in town to go to Church with Seanie and I. It was also Palm Sunday, which means that when they handed us the daily bulletin we were also given palm fronds to wave in the air during the opening hymnal. Whee! Waving leaves in the air is fun. So is hitting your boyfriend with them.
Unfortunately we didn't get to keep the leaves - they were taken downstairs after children's time. The kids were making little crosses out of the leaves. Daddy says that the palm leaves will also be burned, and the ash will be saved until next Ash Wednesday, when they will be used on everyone's foreheads again. Isn't that neat? I never knew where the ash came from before - for all I knew, they scrapped it out of smoker's dishes and Denny's an hour before the Ash Wednesday service.

Kenny re-installed the Sims on his computer, so I am addicted to the game again and play it frequently. I put Seanie into the game, and he wanted to know why I didn't add all his friends. He is crazy - why would I add his friends to my game?

I also finished up my cover letter, it is now ready to be submitted to Bookbuyers. I've decided the best course will be to drop it off after my last class; since the store is open until midnight that shouldn't be a problem even though my class doesn't get out 'til 9.
Tags: bookbuyers, palm sunday, seanie, sims, ucc

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