Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Rain, rain go away - come again another day

It's been raining pretty consistently the past few weeks. Funny, I never talk about the weather. Here California is supposed to the paragon of sunshine, but the sun has been pretty scarce lately. Everything's wet and grey, and the sky is dull with dark clouds. Some April! Although I suppose this means there will be plenty of flowers come May. But it's very hard to get exercise in the rain, because who wants to go out and get soaked while taking a walk?
(I suppose this is why God invented umbrellas.)

My classmates seem to have designated me their favorite leader for group meetings. Yippee? When we were having a meeting today to determine the garment components of a new spring line (model meeting, this was – not the real thing) I was volunteered to play leader. (Was volunteered. Did not volunteer.) So, I took charge, because isn't that what a leader does? I told everyone to move in closer so we could see each other, and I did my best to ensure that everyone's opinion was heard. I ended up taking on the role of Recorder, too, because the person I initially assigned to it (completely random was my selection) didn't do an adequate job. I wanted to be fair to everyone's opinion so I tried not to dominate, but that backfired – we didn't finish the project in the allotted amount of time because everyone kept getting hung up on the design of the garments. Design is wonderful and important, but it was not the focus of what we were doing – we needed only to know what the garments would be, a skirt or a dress, not whether it would be a bias cut dress, knee-length or a mid-thigh sheath.
It isn't easy being the leader of a room full of creative-types.

After I was finally done with school I went up to Mountain View, back to Bookbuyers, in order to turn in my application. The woman I spoke to, Carol, told me not to worry if I didn't hear anything right away – the person who hires for the on-line store is rarely in Mountain View. But I turned the application it! That is an important step!
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