Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Interview: Bookbuyers

Well, my interview with Bookbuyers was today; I honestly have very mixed feelings about the job.

Firstly, the pay was much lower than I anticipated. Kitty and Jeannie's data entry jobs both pay $10+ an hour; Bookbuyers is only offering $8.50 so it would be a pay cut of 48 cents an hour for me! I was not expecting that at all, but I suppose it isn't surprising since used books can't be that profitable, especially if everyone pays by store credit like my family does.

The owner of the store, Hotranatha (I cannot pronounce his name but I tried and tried so hard) seems very nice but he didn't ask any typical questions like "Why did you leave your previous job?" and "Tell me about a difficult problem you solved." He said that I seemed a 'delightful' person and he honestly seemed little concerned with my previous job performance! I mean, since all he had was my resume he had no way of knowing whether I was convicted of shoplifting or if I was even legally in this country!
It was all very strange because I had spent the half-hour prior to the interview in my car, practicing answers to traditional interview questions.
At any rate, he said he wanted to hire me but to be fair to the woman who supervised the San Jose location I need to set up a second interview and meet her, too.
That's good because it gives me time to think over the job some.
For a small business the benefits are pretty generous. I have options for medical insurance (very light) and they have an interesting book-borrowing system for employees, as well as a great discount. You also can get thirty paid days off a year - pretty cool. And I'll be out of retail, which we all know I want very badly.

But I'm just not sure. The pay isn't what I was hoping for, and the job pays monthly - and budgeting is hard!
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