Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

rah rah rah fight fight fight!

Man, it seems like lately Seanie and I can't do anything without rubbing each other the wrong way. We seem to be constantly arguing. It's very frustrating. I mean, the arguments/disagreements are nearly always over the phone and we make up the minute we see each other, but the fact that something in our communication isn't working is very frustrating.

I suppose it is just inevitable, tho'. We have very different view points on an awful lot of things so we're naturally going to disagree quite often.
I just need to be accepting and understanding, the bottom line seems to be, because I am too critical of Seanie's decisions.

And as much as I would love to say that he really just needs to stop doing stupid things, that probably isn't the answer, because there is nothing wrong with going to see movies that I feel are in poor taste if it gives him a chance to see his friends. (But man, why would you shell out $9+ for movie tickets when in six months you can rent the same asinine movie for $3 and to boot, enjoy it in the comfort of your own home away from theater patrons? See, we have very different opinions. He thinks that is fun, and it probably is.)

Well, whatever.
We're going to see Avenue Q on April 29th. (Sorry, thez. My work decided they weren't letting people off the first weekend of May, so our Vegas trip got bumped up a week. So much for wreakin' havoc on the Strip with ya.) YAY FOR CAR TRIPS! Boo for car trips with no air conditioning, but YAY FOR ROAD TRIPS TO VEGAS TO SEE MUSICALS!
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