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whine just in time to rhyme in time with the lym

Davy came by just a bit ago. Knocked on the back screen and scared the bejeebers outta me. Jerk.

He was feeling cranky, he said, because I haven't had any time for fun the past month or so. (Between STAR, GSE, AP, finals, and all the other bloody tests I've had, it's a wonder I still have time to breath. And that doesn't even include final projects and presentations! ARRRRRR.) He's right, but I was still sore about being scared so I told him to go hit on his flavor-of-the-week. (Lucky for me, he ignored that crack.) He asked me if I wanted to go see Shrek tomorrow, but I told him I had to go up to Mt. Madonna with Mom, camping. He thought that was a stupid excuse, seeing as I'd just gone up to Yosemite to camp the weekend before. (I never wrote about that, did I? Oh well, it was really pretty. That's all that you need to know.) I was cold, because a breeze was blowing in through the screen, so I closed the glass door in his face, cutting him off mid-sentence. Now that I think about it, that was terribly rude. Anyway, he signed something at me (I don't know sign language, so I haven't a clue what) and left.

I have been blowing him (and most of my other friends ^^;;) off rather badly all month long. Oops.

Maybe I'll go over tomorrow early and apologize.

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