Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Speaking of addictions...

..I've a new one.

Perplex City Puzzle Cards

As the website says: Perplex City is a place, a story, a game and a real-life treasure hunt.
The Receda Cube has been stolen from Perplex City. It's an object of immense power and importance, and the people of Perplex City want it back.
The thieves have buried the Cube somewhere on Earth and there's a reward of $200,000/£100,000 for whoever finds it first.

So the game consists of cards, each with a different puzzle on it. Some are optical. Some are logical. Some are a matter of knowing how to find answers. There are mazes, scrabbles - you name it. An incredible variety! On the backs of the cards are pieces of a map - when you get four card pieces that fit together, you gain clues to the location of the $200,000 value Receda Cube prize.

But never mind the prize - the game cards are fun just for the mental challenge. I miss having to strain my brain to figure out a mystery. It's so much fun!

Anyone else heard of / played this games?
Tags: perplex city

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