Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

2nd Interview - Bookbuyers

Back on Thursday I had my 2nd job interview with Bookbuyer's - this time at the San Jose location. Sue, the woman who interviewed me, was much more business-like than Hothanatra, which made me feel a little more secure in the stability in the job. She also seems to be a really interesting lady - she's a costumer! We talked about fashion for a few minutes, which is always fun.
The storage space for all the on-line books is really organized - each book has a label and a specific place. She told me a bit about everything, but also made sure to point out that anything she told me could very well change before I started to work there.

All-in-all, between the tour and the interview itself, and all the chit-chat, I was there for over an hour. That's a good sign for an interview, right? The longer the better - if they aren't considering hiring you they get rid of you quickly rather than waste time.
Tags: bookbuyers

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