Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Rhymes with 'dick'

So I did rather poorly on my latest fabrics midterm - I only got a C. Oops. I guess I've got to hit the books a little harder.

So it also turns out that one of my classmates thinks I'm a complete non-entity. This is different from being simply anonymous, with which I am fine. Since starting college there have been many - dare I say most - of my classes where at the end of the semester, I could not name half of the other students. This is because it is difficult to socialize in classes such as Algebra, and I admit there's also a certain element of disinterest. I don't expect to interact with these fellows again, so getting to know them is not a pressing matter.
This is different than the trouble I'm having with Rick. Rick steadfastedly ignores me. I'll be talking to Andrea about the weekend and Rick will come up and say "Andrea. Hi. How are you?" and will hijack the conversation completely. If I try to say something, he will talk again as if words aren't trying to come out of my mouth. If Andrea re-engages with me, he'll let her mostly finish and then turn the topic back to himself - if Andrea asks me (and she's looking at my face, not his) "What'd you do this weekend?" he'll immediately begin talking about his weekend.
OK, I know what you're thinking. Maybe he's not doing this on purpose. Maybe he's got a crush on Andrea - that makes boys act stupid.
OK, maybe. But then there's this - in construction I missed a day of class and the teacher asked Rick to show me what we missed. "I don't know why she's making me do this" he grumbled, as if she was holding a gun to his head (although to be fair, her gaze can be as piercing as a bullet) and shuffles to the cabinet, avoiding eye contact and ignoring my polite questions. (You'd think it was a felony to ask this guy "How was your weekend?" on a Monday morning.) He'll hand me the papers and, without a word of explanation head back towards the main throng of students.

OK, so maybe he's antisocial, you're thinking. I wish! He talks to everyone else! Has conversations about parties and boy troubles! Other girls have given him cutesy nicknames and ask his advice on all sorts of things! It is only with me that I've observed this brick wall effect.

It's very confusing. I can't think of anything I've done to slight him; but really, unless my appearance is just that repulsive then I don't know where this attitude that I have nothing of value to contribute is coming from. It's more than a little frustrating, but hopefully he won't be in any of my classes next semester.
Tags: rant, west valley

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