Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Las Vegas 2006 Part 1

Vegas Vegas Vegas!
Seanie and I have escaped San Jose for a weekend!

We left terribly early in the morning - I've been outside when it's dark but it was PITCH BLACK. I couldn't see three inches in front of my face and I don't know why! In Yosemite the stars are so bright that you dono't always need a flashlight to find the bathroom outside your tent, but for some reason at Seanie's house I couldn't even see his white car until he'd opened its door and the inner light had gone on.
Weird, huh?

The car ride was surprisingly fun - although it took FOREVER to get to LV! We left around 4 am but we still didn't get to LV until 3, and didn't get ourselves properly situationed 'til nearly 5. We had originally planned to camp out, but a quick glance around the RV Park / tent site made me start whining because it didn't look fun at all. There was nothing seperating the tent sites - which was just a strip of grass about ten feet wide by two-hundred foot length - and Las Vegas Blvd. No fence or anything! The bathrooms were hard to find and we couldn't even locate the showers! I whined my way out of staying there, although I'm sure Seanie would've insisted we make it work if the customer service at the front desk hadn't been rather lax.
Thank goodness it was. Seanie and I headed downtown and learned the value of getting hotel rooms far in advance; had we gotten rooms a few weeks before we could've had them at $20 a night - instead we had to pay $80 because all of the 'cheap' rooms had been filled up with retirees playing cards and casino slots. We ended up at The Golden Spike, which had no swimming pool and a smoky casino, but plenty of air conditioning.

It turns out that for a good time, Fremont Street is the place to go! On the strip you need money to amuse yourself - everything costs something! But Fremont Street you can wander up and down and amuse yourself watching artists paint, singers impersonate James Brown, making fun of crappy Vegas tourists, and wondering why Vegas Vic doesn't talk anymore.
There's also nickel slots, the only gambling I can really endorse, because otherwise I think you're wasting too much money, unless you're good at roulette, but I sucked at that since every time I told Seanie to put a chip down it was wrong! If I said red the ball landed on black; if I said even the ball landed on odd. Thank goodness we didn't try to get more specific!
The Mermaid Casino was the best, even if the drinks were crappy. They had deep fried oreos! And the pina colada was passable! (Don't ever get their cosmopolitans or margaritas, tho'. GROSS.) Seanie and I raced each other on the slots to see who could make their dollar last the longest.
Turns out my dollar lasts less than a minute.
Like my stamina.
Man I'm tired.
In Vegas!

Tomorrow = Avenue Q!
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