Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Avenue Q

Avenue Q was fantastic and funny and wonderful, and it's a real shame that they're taking it out of the Wynn, because as far as I know Steve Wynn (is that name correct? I think it is, but I'm not in the mood to do any research to confirm it.) has exclusive North American rights Off-Broadway, so who knows if the show will be able to travel?
However, I hear the show is now in London so all is not lost.

They did cut a few songs, naturally. "There Is Life Outside Your Apartment" could not be found in the Las Vegas version; the Money Song was cut down quite a bit. Otherwise, very little was changed as near as I can tell, but I've only heard the soundtrack before.

No one told me there were cute little bears in this musical? They only speak once or twice on the musical sound track, but they're never identified so I assumed they were just random chorus members. But no - it turns out there are two fluorescent bears squealing about beer the whole show.

There's also little animated bits that could come directly from Sesame Street. They help distract you as scenery is set up and to segway between scenes. It seems funny because I never knew that was there, either.

The puppeteers are on the stage, but they don't distract. They all smile so happily the grin seems painted on like a puppet's. The same four people play all of the characters, so it's funny to see how someone may be operating a puppet and singing, but the puppet they're holding isn't the one their voicing. I thought it would be confusing, because several of the characters aren't puppets but regular people, but after a few minutes you get used to the idea and it seems as natural as Sesame Street did when you were six.
No talkin' birds in this production, however.
Tags: las vegas, theatre

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