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Today was my first day at Bookbuyer's. I felt the usual nervousness you get on the first day of a new job - like a lead weight sitting in my stomach and trying to pull me down, down, down into the ground. As I dressed I kept debating, "Should I wear a skirt? Well, Sue said I should wear tennis shoes. But surely pumps would be OK?" I ended up wearing jeans - if the supervisor could't be bothered to wear more than a ratty t-shirt (the free sort that radio stations give away) and old jeans than I probably shouldn't try to outdress everyone.
Commute sucks. This is the first job I've had enough of a commute that I even worry about it. I don't commute to Oakridge - I just go! It takes less than ten minutes. But I had to take a good half an hour to get over to Bookbuyers, and today was with light traffic. I'm sure it'll be much worse when I start going in at seven in the morning.

Everyone seems friendly enough, but we don't talk much. You sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day entering book ISBN numbers and making notes on condition. Most of the time it doesn't require any thought at all - any important bits of information are written on little post-its and you need only record it. Sue hinted that these are only the simplest books I'm doing and it gets harder. I hope so. I knew the job wouldn't be difficult but I wouldn't mind at least a little mental stimulation!

I don't work with people and I don't work around people. There are three or four people maximum around. My supervisor, the customer-service guy Buckley, and one or two others at data-entry. Most days, Sue says it will be just me doing data-entry.

I don't have internet access. That sucks.
I was planning on listening to on-line radio, but I guess that isn't going to be an option. Doesn't matter - I haven't got any headphones anyway. Maybe if I work enough I'll be able to save up for an ipod.
Seriously tho', why no 'net? I'm not going to spend my entire time googling porn or whatever it is people do.

At least it's interesting to be around books all day.
Books, not people.
No customer service!
I think I love this job a little.
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