Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Monotonous work

Man, eight hours is a long, long time.
Today I learned how to enter ASINs. Basically, they're ISBNS for books from the days before ISBNs were common. I'm not sure who makes them up or where they come from, but I have to include them on any book that has one written on a post-it note. (I just looked it up. Turns out the person who makes them up is Amazon.)

The books I did today weren't as mind-numbing as yesterday. There was more variety and more things to take note of. For example, a lot of them were author-autographed. (Including a book autographed by Orson Scott Card - it made me think of Spichan.) I also learned a lot of new terminology, which was useful. Those clear dust jackets that libraries put over regular dust jackets are technically called mylar-wrapped, not plastic-wrapped or a clear wrap.

I also learned how to do magazines - they are a pain in the butt! They go quickly, because you don't have to change very much information from one issue to the next, but the formatting is completely different from books and I kept making errors in classification.
Errors. Corrections. That is definitely the worst part of the job. Sue reviews my work and shouts out every error and how it is to be fixed, and I have to drop everything I'm working on to fix it right then. (Why can't she fix it? She's obviously found the error. I guess it's to make me learn, but still - it seems such a waste of time.)
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