Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Sushi + crepes

This was a looooong day at work, so to take a break Seanie took me out to Japantown for crepes and sushi. The crepe restaurant (I've already forgotten the name - that can't be good) is decorated with a monkey motif, so there were stuffed chimpanzees and bananas everywhere.
Right next door to the crepes is a sushi restaurant called Kazoo - Sailor used to really like it, and I never thought their sushi was that good but the Japantown location is infinitely better than the Willow Glen one. (I think Willow Glen is an overrated corner of town. Downtown Campbell and Los Gatos are much better if you want the small-town boutiques. Or Castro Street in Mountain View - that's fantastic.) ANYWAY. I ordered one order of soybean-curd-whatever-its-called-sushi and the waitress gave me a dirty look, because that's like two dollars worth of food. What? It's not as if they have a minimum order sign anywhere, and it was to go so it wasn't like I occupied a space a higher-pricepoint customer could use.
Honestly. I would've tipped her if she hadn't copped the attitude. Last time I checked, you don't even have to tip take-out, too!

Bookbuyers is chugging along. I'm having a lot of fun with the books - I completely filled my first bookshelf today. But it's hard to socialize, and it gets lonely sometimes. Who'd have thought I'd actually miss Bath & Body Works?
Tags: food, seanie

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