Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,


Incense is expensive and I certainly don't need any, but of late I've had a strong desire to get some. I think it's because I'm burning the very last of the Blue Rose blend I got from Body & Mind back in high school - after all these years it still smells lovely, dusty and rosy but with hints of freesia and light jasmine.

The problem is that I don't much care for incense sticks - my burner is for incense cones and frankly I'm rather attached to those. I like the way the smoke floats up through the holes in the burner so that they curlycue and leave circles in the air. With a stick the smoke just floats straight up in a dull line. But cones are much harder to find, and when I do they're on the expensive side!

Does anyone know a good place to buy some decent incense cones?
Tags: incense
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