Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

..updates ahoy!

So I was totally going to update my livejournal to the current date (it's currently languishing in mid-May) but screw it, that's just going to take too long and I'm tired about writing on events that are a month old.


Here we are in July. I'm taking a communications class at night and a whole lot of nothin' during the day. I quit Bookbuyers because the strain on my hands and back and neck just wasn't worth the pay; I'm still at Bath & Body Works but Semi-Annual Sale just ended so not much is happening there, either. Seanie's good. I'm going to try to see my friends more.

And I'm going to try 'n' get this livejournal updated good 'n' proper, but now with the intervention of backdating.
Tags: bath & body works, bookbuyers, west valley

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