Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Day Two: Anaheim

On Thursday afternoon (after a lovely drive from Solvang to Anaheim's Marriott) Seanie and I spent several hours goofing around in Downtown Disney after the hotel informed us our room would not be ready for several more hours. Since we were only a fifteen minute's walk from Disneyland, we walked down and bought our tickets for Friday, and tried to amuse ourselves in 100+ degree weather at an outdoor mall. (It was better than you'd think - we spent a lot of time in the Grand Californian Hotel's lobby, just so that we could be out of the sun.)

But naturally, the most fun is found goofing off in the biggest Disney store:

One can't go to Disneyland without trying on a few pairs of mouse ears. To celebrate, Seanie and I made sure to try on pirate mouse ears.

(Seanie is wearing the particularly fetching 'Pirate Princess' mouse ears.)

Personally, I'd rather have the skull and crossbones. Red is a lucky color, after all.

(Seanie loves this photo. He thinks the facial expression is hot. Or somethin' - at any rate, it makes him giggle like a madman.)

Mom isn't particularly amused by our silliness.
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