Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

C28: Not of This World

So apparently there is a new Christian retail store at Oakridge called C28: Not of This World that opened up at the other end of the mall. I'm rather excited - it's like Jesus' answer to Hot Topic.

Every item in the store is from a Christian brand, meaning that Christ and worship of God, etc. is part of the company's mission statement and they probably tithe their profits, too. Or something. I really don't know all the details, although I'm doing my best to get caught up.

Unfortunately, since the brands are much smaller the clothes are more expensive. But they're cute!

They're very much patterned after Metropark and Hot Topic. At the front of the store is the clothing, mostly hung on the walls, with boys on one side and girls on the other. Toward the middle of the store you start getting jewelry and accessories; the back of the store has a wall of music.
No books were sold, but there were Bible covers! I was totally surprised that there weren't any Bibles in the store tho'.

The staff was very friendly and bubbly. It was quite refreshing in a retail store. I wonder how they pay - it might not be a bad place to work, although if you're selling clothes you have to buy them, and I'm so very poor right now.

Very neat developments happening at Oakridge Mall...

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