Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Churchy Stuff

This morning's church service was really pretty - Betsy and her brother Chris both performed. Mrs. Dingman did really well with them - both of her children are very musically talented! Chris played and Betsy sang. We also welcomed two couples into the church family as official members. It's always very touching to see new people dedicate themselves to a life of church, and it's also reaffirming, because it reminds you of what the church stands for and the goals the congregation has.

The church is currently looking for Sunday School teachers, and I'm thinking of volunteering. Not as a teacher, of course - I'm terrified of the results we'd have if I was alone with so many children - but maybe as some sort of assistant to a more experienced teacher. I really should try to gain more experience with children, I think. I interact with them so rarely I don't have a clue what to do with them. I wish Seanie would do it with me, but he never seems interested in that sort of thing when I bring it up.
Oh well.

I'm also trying (not very hard am I trying, tho') to find a good youth-program church to fulfill my Christians-my-age desires. Auntie Tanya's church has a Sunday evening service for young adults and I think I'm going to try to attend so that I can see if I like it.

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